About United Metal Recycling

Do your part for the environment

United Metal Recycling is an established metal recycling business owned and managed by Graham Tims who has over 30 years of experience within the scrap metal and recycling industry. We are located in Bundoora a northern suburb of Melbourne with easy access via the metropolitan ring/Greensborough bypass roads.

Committed to recycling

At United Metal Recycling we believe that recycling isn't just an ideal; it's a way of life. We see needless waste every day in this world. It's great to know that we are assisting people in reusing scrap metal with the help of our friendly metal recycling team, so we can all do our bit for the planet.


Our metal recycling team are not only knowledgeable experts in their field, but they also pride themselves on great customer service. We believe in providing cheerful, friendly, but above all professional service to everyone. Metal recycling is an important part of making industry sustainable, which is good business sense for everyone. We're doing our part for the environment, and for industry.

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